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NLAMRT EXECUTIVE POSITIONS (Please see below for a list of current executive members)


Are you concerned with the many issues facing the medical radiation technology profession? Do you enjoy networking and learning from other MRT's? If you are a dynamic individual with strong organizational and interpersonal skills then this could be the position for you.
The president represents the NLAMRT at the national level. In this capacity, he/she chairs the executive meetings (about eight a year), corresponds with the CAMRT head office and attends the annual CAMRT conference and general meeting as well as national council meetings.
The president of the NLAMRT must be a registered member of the NLAMRT and CAMRT and have served at least one term on the executive committee of the NLAMRT.
The position of President is a two-year term.


Are you looking for a challenge? Do you have strong leadership qualities? Are you looking to get involved? Then the position of Vice President of the NLAMRT may be for you.
The main duty of the Vice President is to assist the President. In the President's absence, the vice president assumes the role of chair of the NLAMRT meetings. If the president should resign, the vice president takes on the role of president. As well, if the president is unable to attend the national conference and AGM, the vice president will represent the province. The vice president also acts as liaison with the NLAMRT conference chair.
The vice president of the NLAMRT must be a registered member of the NLAMRT and CAMRT and have served at least one term on the executive committee of the NLAMRT.
The positions of vice president is one year term.


The Secretary/Treasurer keeps and maintains an accurate register of all members and assists the Nominating Committee Chairperson in the election of society officers. They are also responsible for all correspondence between the association and its members. They mail out dues invoices, correspond with the National Association, and respond to any inquiries from members. The Secretary/Treasurer is also required to maintain and record all financial transactions of the NLAMRT. He/She submits a brief written statement of the Association's financial status at all executive and general meetings. As well, the Secretary/Treasurer is responsible for investment of funds as per the constitution and bylaws. They chair the Finance committee and co-sign all cheques made out by the association.
The position of Secretary/Treasurer is a one year term. To serve as Secretary/Treasurer one must be a member of the executive for at least 1 year and a registered member in good standing with the NLAMRT and CAMRT.


The recording secretary must attend and take minutes at every Executive meeting. The Recording Secretary also sends out the notice of all NLAMRT meetings and prepares the agenda. As well, he/she keeps and maintains the past records, minutes and archives of the NLAMRT.
The position of recording secretary is a one year term. To serve as recording secretary one must be a member of NLAMRT and CAMRT


Applicants must now apply to the CAMRT for this position. The CAMRT membership will vote in the nominated applicant. This position is a three year term allowing one renewable term. The individual must be in good standing with the CAMRT. Please visit the CAMRT website site for to apply for this position.


As a member of any of the following committees you are required to attend all meetings of the NLAMRT (approximately 8 per year). Responsibilities of each committee are as follows:


• Guards against the establishment of procedures that may be contrary to the Constitution and Bylaws
• Report to the executive on all matters pertaining to the Constitution and Bylaws of the NLAMRT
• Maintains and revises the constitution on an ongoing basis
• Performs other duties outlined by the executive


• Stimulates interest in the presentation and writing of technical papers
• Prepares education seminars for quarterly meetings if required and liaisons with the AGM chairperson or AGM education committee in planning educational seminars
• Performs other duties as outlined by the executive
• Plans and helps organize in conjunction with the student body all activities including graduation exercises


• Chaired by the Secretary/Treasurer
• Maintains records and budgets and carries out the financial matters of the association
• Reports to the executive as required


• Chaired by the CAMRT board director and a member of executive excluding the president
• Reviews nominations for the NLAMRT awards and selects the recipients of the awards


• Corresponds with the Executive and the graphic designer to keep the website up to date with current events and news
• Sends out monthly e-blasts to all membership

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