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The NLAMRT Mentoring Award was established by the members of the NLAMRT at the 54th Annual General Meeting. This award was designed to honour a member of the NLAMRT who, in the opinion of the Executive, has made a significant contribution to the profession and its members in the field of education and mentoring. Recipients are nominated by a peer and selected by the NLAMRT awards committee. Recipients will receive cash or prize of equivalent value for having won this award.

2015 - Health Sciences Center PICC Line Implementation Team


This award was introduced to the membership to honour someone who at any early stage in their career demonstrates inspiration and leadership to their colleagues by acting as a role model of professionalism and/or volunteerism. The recipient(s) of this award will receive a cash prize.

2015 - Kayla Andrews RTT


This award was instituted to commemorate the dedicated service of Roy Crowley, a technologist engaged in the art and science of Medical Radiography for approximately 22 years. Roy was employed in many capacities as an MRT, spending most of his professional career affiliated with the Janeway Child Health Center. He held many positions as a technologist, but the one he loved the most was that of clinical instructor. Roy was much loved and respected by his colleagues, but especially by his students. Roy passed away suddenly in May 1983 at the age of 47, still wearing his pager.

This award was initiated by his family, and is currently funded by the NLAMRT. The award is given annually to the student who demonstrates clinical excellence throughout the third year. The recipient of this award is decided by the clinical instructors, with input solicited from fellow technologists. This award consists of a cash prize and an individual plaque donated by the clinical instructors. There is also a perpetual plaque, which is kept on display at the College of the North Atlantic.

Row Crowley Memorial Award 2016 - Jessie Mullins